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Rooftop Outdoor Games


The only alternative of outdoor game experience:

In modern scenario, the green field has become diminished from the city due to rapid real estate development. The builders and promoters are grabbing all the wide vacant land for their constructional creation. As a result there is no scope to enjoy outdoor games for the kids, teenagers and youngsters. Play on green field is quite good for health. Due to this process a strong physical status is built up as well as mental growth is also developed by playing together on a green field. But do not worry; Rooftop Solutions has brought a new idea for the kids of dwellers to adjust with the nature by playing various outdoor games. Different types of outdoor games such as basket ball, badminton, table tennis, squash and many more can be organized on rooftop if the proper shades are installed.

Advantages rendered by company:

In a building complex if you want to do some exercise, you can go to the gym. You can also go to the swimming pool on the roof. Then there can be a squash court where you can play and sweat it out. The advantages of the company in providing rooftop solutions are:

   Prefabricated cabins, enclosures can also be used for the play areas. The walls in most cases will need to be strong. A table tennis board will require a smaller room. Pool will also need a lesser area.

   For the roofs of these shade sails and textile interior are used to improve the internal looks by us

   PUF roofs and PUF walls will ensure that the play area is weather proof. The insulation is good. The room will be warmer in winter and cool in summer.

   The walls can be made using compact polycarbonate, multicell polycarbonate and multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

   PTFE fabric and PTFE glass will make the use of light in a much conserved way. The light that enters through the PTFE glass through the roof will reduce the energy consumption in the daytime. Electricity bills will be lower.

   The various colours of PPGL and PPGI sheets available are blue, royal blue, misty green, off white, sky blue and terra cotta red. These sheets can be used to make sheds, roofs, shades and porticos in the play area.

Why Rooftop outdoor games?

Exercise: Everyone needs exercise. Health benefits are there only if you use these play area for the various games you play.

Convenience: If the top of the building has a playing facility, then it is convenient. Just go to the top of the building and play the game like basketball, tennis, squash and badminton. This opportunity can be achieved if you hire the rooftop shade manufacturer for outdoor games in Kolkata with affordable rate.

Integrity: The Company is going to work with complete integrity. We will send the enclosure as promised. The shed will be of good quality, of the dimensions required and will also do the flooring using tiles, non-slip flooring or wooden flooring.

Various Prices: The prices of the various products can vary. You can choose the interiors, walls as per the price you have budgeted for the play area. Sports facilities, swimming pools are very essential part of the life of every person. Hence, housing complexes with facilities will sell the houses faster.

For your Rooftop outdoor games we will set up the area. The roof will be done using onduline sheet or UPVC sheet. The fabric used will be making the play area airy and insulated. Embossed polycarbonate sheets used on the roof will be break resistant. The UV radiations will not enter into the room. The roofs will be sturdy and filter the light in for you. So, to get the awesome benefits on your building roof just call Rooftop Solutions as an leading rooftop shade manufacturer for outdoor games in Kolkata without wasting your valuable time.