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Rooftop Shed


Feel Comfort with Rooftop Shade in Room

Now a day’s Environment pollution affects our life so much. During summer incorrigible heat of sun makes our life hectic. We have to think about which will give comfort to us. Do you know Rooftop shade can provide cool shade without increasing your electricity bill

Installing rooftop shade is easy and not so costly .It made up with durable materials like Fabrics, Poly carbonate sheet, upvc sheet which can absorb heat and can reduce temperature up to 60% Rooftop shed manufacture in Kolkata give you complete solutions .Day light panel of rooftop structure protect heat with giving light .you can save your old house roof from damaging by installing rooftop shade form rooftop shed manufacturer in Kolkata. Increasing of temperature spoil our comfort day by day we all want to rescue from it with spending minimum cost.

In summer we facing many problems like suddenly power cut at night, sometimes getting heavy rain with storm if you installing rooftop shed you feel comfort. At evening if rain fall happens you can enjoy it under the rooftop shade also enjoy evening breeze with rooftop shed fabricator in Kolkata. Old housing maintenance cost will be reducing by it.

Rooftop shades provides many facilities and much acceptable to people for their housing. We can leading a comfortable life with rooftop shade in summer it also protect our roof form dust and natural elements.