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Bunk Office

Latest Addition- Prefabricated Bunk Office for Modern Era:

Prefabricated bunk office is a modular version of business entity. It is quite convenient medium for doing day to day activities. All kinds of office requirements can be accomplished beautifully from here. It offers various custom designs and scopes to furbish the interior chamber for converting a simple enclosure into an important bunk office. Rooftop Solutions are rooftop shades and prefabricated bunk office manufacturer in Kolkata skilfully makes this awesome latest item in city corporate lifestyles.

The attributes of prefab bunk office:

Sturdy Structure:

These prefabricated creations are engineered precisely. We have used good strength materials in constructing them. Accuracy and organized manner of construction is the key features of these prefabricated bunk offices. The quality of raw materials makes these prefab construction earth quake proof.


They come with both modern and basic facilities. These are spacious enough. These are kind of house with medical facilities, urinal blocks, green house rooms and medical facilities. Lighting, air conditioning and ventilation is also provided in these prefabricated structures. You as the customer will have to tell us what specific facilities you will require in your choice.

Handling Ease:

The bunk chamber made by prefab materials can be shifted, lifted and handled in a rough way but it will remain fine. These outdoor edifices are treated with chemicals to make them free of termite by us.

International Standards:

Global quality and excellence is used in making these prefabricated bunk offices. The latest techniques to make them sturdy and strong make these modern exciting products versatile. The range that we offer of such item is really world class.

Relevant Use:

Prefabricated bunk houses can be used in various terrains. The quality is very good. The Rooftop Solutions as a frontline manufacturing unit is hired randomly for its enormous usefulness.

  The prefab bunk offices have a construction that is robust. The sturdiness makes the use varied and popular.

  The walls, floors and ceilings can be got polished and smooth.

  It facilitates extensive space to put all desired essentials.

  You will be told that these exclusive outdoor products can handle varying conditions of climate.

  It is to be noted that our manufactured prefab items are made from corrosion resistant material.

  The world class designs and quality make them very popular.

  These can be installed very easily and hence are very quickly ready to be used.

  Weather proof is another great facility of it.

  Rust is never a problem in these exterior pieces. This is due to the material used to build these houses.

  The prefabricated bunk houses are termite resistant and low on maintenance.

Rooftop Solutions has wide stock of such super exterior essentials. The price quotes are given to you, once you tell us the size of the structures required. Till then the support staff is able to guide you to the requirements and placing the order. The team will go and meet you to decide on the order, size of the prefabricated bunk offices and other requirements. There might be additional features required in the bunk office. These building can be used as a security office, human resource office, reception in a factory or any other purpose in a warehouse. We are able to manufacture and supply good quality products.

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