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Cold Storage

Prefabricated Cold Storage for Daily Life:

Cold storage plays an important role to store and preserve food products or temperature delicate products. Not only food products, this advanced storing facility helps to keep safely the pharmaceutical products. Besides freezing dairy, vegetables, fruits, meats, fishes etc, many drugs and vaccines also require to store in chilled temperature. This is because all need optimum levels of temperature in this refrigerated unit. Now many vendors consult with rooftop shades and prefabricated cold storage manufacturer in Kolkata for making such structure in affordable rate

Varied Sized Available:Customers should know that our company is able to provide prefabricated cold storage rooms as per the space the customer has and they require.

Temperature Variation:The temperature can vary from +15 degree centigrade to -40 degree centigrade inside the prefabricated cold room manufactured by Rooftop Solutions with our super talented artisans.

Materials:The materials are used in these facilities are made from PUF walls. These have 60 to 150 mm insulation thickness and are suitable for cold and warm weather. These cannot penetrate outside temperature in any way.

Finish:The modern prefab cold storage structures have an internal and external finish using GI or stainless steel. Our pools of expert technicians are quite efficient to pre coat the Galvanized Iron or stainless steel.

Applications:The Rooftop Solutions is hired to manufacture prefabricated cold storage for giving safeguard of the processed food storage chains, floriculture, agriculture, horticulture, pharmacy, sericulture, hospitality, super markets and in chemical industry.

Features of modern cold storage:

  Thermal efficiency and rigidity is provided through pressure interjected polyurethane foam.

  Prefabricated cold storage rooms are lighter in weight and have a modular assembling process. They can be easily relocated and dismantled.

  The maintenance of these rooms is minimal. The design is sturdy and the finish will last for a long time.

  The inside of these cold storage rooms will be as per the requirement of the customer. Prefabrication walls are there. Heavy usage means PCC floors. Medium use will be using civil constructed floors. For lighter use the flooring will be panel flooring.

  The medium and low temperatures required inside these rooms will use different types of refrigeration.

  The compressors used inside the rooms are open type, semi hermetic and hermetic.

  Refrigerants used inside these buildings are R134a, R404a, R22 and R407c.

  Our storage solutions are for preserving perishable and maintaining the quality of the products that require refrigeration.

  Meats, poultry, vegetables, flowers, dairy products and meat processed food would be stored in these prefab cold storage units.

  Sometimes latest ammonia refrigeration technology will be used inside the units if the specialists think so.

  Screw compressors can be used.

  Many a cases air cooling units made with finned cooling coils of wall mounted or ceiling mounted types is used.

  The options for galvanized tubes and stainless steel tubes are also there instead of diffusers.

  Power consumption is reduced using evaporative condensers. Even the water requirements are minimal.

  All the cold storage units, rooms are designed with latest quality and technical international codes.

  Two stage systems to operate the store at different temperatures are also possible in the case of prefab structure.

  These units and rooms have feature to reduce power consumption, with part load.

  The control panel is intelligent microprocessor based.

  The refrigerants are environment friendly.

You might like to buy prefabricated cold storage panels, rooms and facilities from our store as Rooftop Solutions has achieved the fame and mane in constructional world. Go through the information on the website to order your requirements now!

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