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PUF Wall

Insulated PUF Wall for hygienic room atmosphere:

Insulated PUF panel is manufactured by Pre Painted Galvanized steel sheet and Pre Painted Galvalume steel sheet with stainless steel fascias. It is the abbreviated form of Polyurethane Foam and widely applied in constructional world. Two types of these components are used according to the purpose- rigid and spray form. Both are separately unique in its features and utility. The spray form is quite affordable than rigid one. But from functional angle, rigid or stiff one offers more superiority to liquid drizzle foam.

Due to the presence of low conductivity of gas this component offers high thermal resistant facility. The insulation process is done by the application of Hydro Chlorofluorocarbons gas with R-value range for thermal drifting. Rooftop Solution is a leader of rooftop shades and insulated PUF manufacturer in Kolkata and highly skilled in computerized technology of it. PUF walls are being provided by our company. They have many benefits, uses and their features have been mentioned here.

Features of PUF walls:

• Prefabricated panels in a sandwich make the PUF walls.

• The PUF walls consist of GI sheet and PUF i.e Polyurethane Foam.

• Various appreciating modular designs can be done by it.

• It provides easy installation facility with minimum efforts.

• The time required for installation is small.

• PUF walls are durable.

• Cam locks are used to interlock PUF panels.

• Tongue and groove arrangement is also used for interlocking these panels.

• Systematic interlock panel facility and accurate dimension is obtained using these Cam locks and Tongue and Groove arrangement.

• Elimination of risk of thermal bridging is through this Cam locks and tongue and groove arrangement.

• Air tight joints are also provided, after erection using this Cam locks and tongue and groove arrangement.

• PUF panels in widths of 1m are offered with various thicknesses as per the industry requirements.

• The various thicknesses in which PUF panels are available are 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200 mm.

Mounting process and its functionality:

• The PUF walls can be ordered from the address given on the website.

• Staff at Rooftop Solution is friendly, imaginative and helpful. They will send someone to measure the empty space you have for the PUF walls.

• The PUF walls are prefabricated and hence very quick to deliver.

• PUF and GI sheets make the PUF walls truly robust in nature. The popularity of our manufacturing items are going up. We are selling PUF walls to many customers.

• The use of the modular design is such that you can install the PUF walls to make a room with ease.

• Cabins made using these products are quite durable and they will be formed quite easily.

• The locks used to gather these walls like Cams lock and tongue and groove arrangement makes these cabins quite sturdy.

• Staff of the Rooftop Solution will like to visit the location to install this insulating item. The advantage is that the sturdy cabins that you will make using these PUF walls can be built using the maximum space available.

• There will be no disadvantage of thermal bridging due to the Cams locks. The walls will be held quite rigidly.

• The various widths in which these PUF walls are available are the advantage you as a customer will have to design the cabin.

Read the details that are given on PUF walls for increasing your knowledge about it. The details are comprehensive. You will find that the sizes, colours and designs of the PUF walls are mentioned. Our team can call on the site and build the room you require. Our roofing solutions are quite well known nationwide with successful customer base.

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