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PPGI- An awesome roofing solution for your dream home:

Pre Painted Galvanized is popularly known as PPGI. This sheet is systematically used in roofing construction and cladding application. Awesome colour range and high quality helps to stand this sheet among other roofing products. The fact is that PPGI sheet enriches us to establish name and fame among the best rooftop shades manufacturer in Kolkata. Our help line will assist the people calling us all the time to place their orders.

Characteristics of PPGI:

   The PPGI sheets contain 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon that are coated on steel.

   The PPGI sheets are used in rooftops, shades, porticos and verandas.

   The roofs made using PPGI sheets have good design. They are resistant to extreme weather.

   The PPGI sheets are fastened securely on the poles, brackets and with screws to form the roof.

   Zinc Aluminium coated on steel make them fire resistant and durable.

   The thermal properties of these PPGI sheets are unique.

   The roofs made using PPGI sheets will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

   The steel that is under the aluminium zinc coating is having a high tensile strength.

   The durability of PPGI is kept in mind while designing these modern PPGI roofs. The interior designers might make a curved or a hexagonal design.

   The installation process will be slowly done to build durability of the roofs made using the PPGI sheets.

   The PPGI sheets are in many colours.

Advantages using PPGI:

Our members give the customer a call to fix an appointment. The area for which the roof has to be built is measured. Once the height, length and width are known, the area of the sheets is determined. The installation team will at first send the sheets to the site. The PPGI sheets will be carefully stored till the installation persons arrive. The making of the roof might be on poles or on a bracket. It might be adjacent to a wall or on a roof itself. The useful advantages using PPGI are

   Offers wide colour ranges to choose from

   Any shapes like curved, rectangular, oval and tubular can be created by it

   Facilitates long lasting durability

   Provides easy cleaning facility

   Affordable maintenance cost

   Any space of the house can be covered by it

   Enhances the smartness of the building

   The tensile character offers enough strength to cover roof, shade and sheds.

   Converts any abundant place into useful and enjoyable

The friendly staff of Rooftop Solution will guide you through all the roofing material that we sell. There is much requirement for the roof material. Place your orders once you decide on what you want as after that the colours have to be located and sent to you. We will give you a competitive quote. Most of the customers say that the service they get is excellent. They come back to us for repeat work with friends, colleagues and neighbours. The service schedules are also followed by the staff and so we do not waste your time to make your dream come true.

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