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Use PPGL Sheets to construct unwavering roof solution:

PPGL is the abbreviated form of Pre Painted Galvalume made of strong steel roofing sheet. The coating of Galvalume and Aluminum Zinc Alloy is used to make this light weight component for reliable roofing material. Our store is a leader in rooftop shade manufacturer in Kolkata and has a wide range of colourful sheets of this category.

Have a look on its features:

   PPGL sheets are available in various colours like azurite blue, off white, royal blue, terra cotta red, mist green and sky blue.

   An alloy of Aluminium and Zinc is coated on steel to make these PPGL sheets on 55% and 45% ratio respectively

   Shades also in factories can use PPGL sheets as it is non-corrosive, lasts, rugged, clean and comes in several colours.

   Maintenance costs are low for the roofing solutions with the use of PPGL sheets.

   These PPGL sheets are useful in industrial and housing complexes. The durability makes their use very varied.

   The UV protectiveness of these sheets will also be useful for the people who sit inside.

Benefits of PPGL:

The PPGL sheets will be sent to the site and has to be stored properly. There is the option of getting these fixed on roofs or mounted to a wall. The brackets, poles and screws will also be sent. There is use of tape to fix the PPGL sheet to the roof. For numerous benefits, it has achieved a great height of success. Take a look.

   • PPGL sliding panel is used in construction works

   • It gives clean lines

   • Immense spectrum of colours can be found

   • Provides long term durability

   • Magnifies the charm and significance of the building

   • Versatility allows applying in outer portion of the building

   • Clarity and compatibility copes with up any designing approach

   • Non-corrosive and lasts almost 20years

   • Super withstanding power for all weather

   • Offers captivating beauty to the building

Types of coating used in PPGL:

Painted coating plays an important role to give the sheet awesome sturdiness. The paints are applied by the experts of Rooftop Solution are

   • PVDF: Polyvinyldene Fluoride

   • RMP: Regular Modified Polyester

   • SMP: Silicon Modified Polyester

   • SDP: Super Durable Polyester

   • VXP: Vibrant Exterior Polyester

The service team is aware of the latest trends, colours, designs and offers. We will tell you all the options available in the roofing solutions. You can buy the PPGL sheets for the shade, dome or roof in the colour of your choice. Our team will go to the site and install this properly. We will fix the PPGL sheets to the barns, rods, clamps with screws and sticky tapes. Even a swimming pool can use these sheets for the purpose of providing a shade for the open swimming pool.

Have a look at the official page of Rooftop Solution to get all the details like contact name, phone number, address, cost and colour details are mentioned. Order your requirements by getting in touch with us. The length and width of the roof has to be determined.

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