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ETFE Fabrics

ETFE –All in One Rooftop Solution Fabric

For more than 25 years ETFE has been penetrating in the architectural world to provide rooftop solution by offering transparent roofs. Ethylene Tetra Fluoride Ethylene (ETFE) is basically a fluorocarbon based plastic developed by DuPont of Europe in early 1980s. At that time it was mainly used as aeronautics insulation material. It was not considered a main stream building material; but after a thorough investigation of the German mechanical engineering student, Stefan Lehnert, the consciousness of the engineers and architects was caused to wake regarding this material and after a long debut it came under the lime light of architecture. From then on its incredible versatility in performance and inspirational creativity has successfully pioneered this fabric worldwide ever since. To meet any specific requirement of the rooftop problems ETFE is unparallel in customizing its rooftop solution.


   ETFE is well-known as a “tough polymer” which is actually a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene.

   This fabric is transparent enough.

   It has enough structural strength.

   It is highly corrosion resistant.

   ETFE offers exceptional tear resistance.

   It provides a property of self cleaning.

   Though it is light in weight but it offers superb mechanical toughness.

   This fabric material provides energy efficiency.

   Its versatile, delicate and unique appearance offers never-before-seen designing options.

   This fabric offers surprising long life span.

   It is highly atmospheric pollution resistant.

   It is UV resistant too.

   ETFE offers high light transmission property as it is highly translucent.

   For allowing light transmission ETFE can be printed.

   Its light weight enables it to spend minimal energy for its transportation.

   Its installation is very simple and easy also.

   It is eco friendly and 100% recyclable.

   ETFE fabric offers sustainability.

   It is really cost effective.


   Its easy installation capacity and incredible flexibility are able enough to create a roof of ETFE fabric in any simple shape with minimal curvature that not at all loses its architectural impact.

  Nowadays ETFE has been increasingly applied in different types of buildings from schools and offices to sports campus and government buildings for its environmental friendliness, architectural elegance and surprising cost effectiveness.

   ETFE fabric offers such extremely durable material which has a life expectancy of more than 40 years. So, use of this fabric material in architectural world is quite satisfactory.

   It is so highly translucent that it can allow up to 95% of light transmission. For this property this fabric is being chosen in the constructional project to create an ambiance of natural day light.

   Its mentionable light weight ensures a reduction of less load on the roof’s frame as well as on the supporting structure.

   Engineers and architects use this fabric in their project as it is UV resistant and does not fade, weakens or break down over time.

   The non porous property of ETFE prevents dust particles and entry of atmospheric pollutants which in turn helps the material to resist atmospheric pollution.

   After its fabricated use this material can be fully recycled.

Finally it can be concluded that ETFF is such an innovative membrane structure that makes an excellent balance of its high performance and outstanding properties at a relatively low price. To suit any varied size, shape and color this versatile ETFE offers high potential in rooftop solution which has no other alternative.

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