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PVC Fabrics

PVC – An Unbelievable Solution to Roof Problems

The most popular and widely used fabric is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) in fabric structure. In tensile fabric structure PVC fabric is considered as a challenging exterior application in this modern era. Not only in new construction only, PVC fabric can also be used for roof shading, screening and any other performance regarding the improvement of its appearance. As compared to other kinds of construction this architectural fabric roofing provides superb phenomenal performance.


   PVC fabric is heat radiant.

   Generally it is white in color. But it is also available in a varied range of colors according to the requirements of the projects or the designers.

   It has a managing ability over climatic control.

   This fabric is opaque.

   It is fire retardant.

   PVC is translucent enough.

   It can prevent solar gain.

   It provides a maximum warranty of 12 years.

   This fabric structure is retractable.

   This tensile membrane fabric is waterproof.

   PVC coated fabric is flexible enough.

   It offers exceptional flame-retardant capability.

   This common coated fabric is recyclable.

   It is durable and energy efficient as well.

   It provides anti mildew effect.

   It provides a warranty of 12 years.

   PVC offers a design life of approx 12 to 15 years which also varies according to its geographical location.

   PVC membrane when is coated with TiO2 or Titanium Dioxide it gains a property of self cleaning which is better than the traditional PVC coating.


PVC coated fabrics offer a wide range of excellent sizes that caters the needs of diverse demands of the projects for any structure. This fabric ensures high quality of product and efficiency in performance to facilitate the global fabric demand for rooftop solution. Its versatility enables it to offer any desired shape. This fabric membrane is able enough to attain entire satisfaction of the customers by the services it renders. This multi functional coated fabric is recyclable which has a great impact on the environment. This highly sustainable material provides tough, long term performance with its unique incredible technology. PVC fabric creates a warm ambiance in to the building by allowing huge day light to enter inside through its translucent property that makes a bright day light environment. To create impact and offer comfortable shade choice of PVC fabric has no substitute in roofing structure. In making the interior temperature cooler even in higher temperature outside this fabric structure provides a superior performance as well as saves energy.

So, to provide all the above mentioned functions with its versatile shapes and sizes PVC fabric is the most popular choice for rooftop protection that offers virtually an excellent maintenance free roof.

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