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Compact Polycarbonate

Make your room noise and dust free:

Compact Polycarbonate sheet is a distinctive variety of construction material. It has different applications in the place of glass. BPA is a component of this substance to make it lustrous. This BPA or Bisphenol A helps to make the sheet enduring and robust. The orders from our store will be delivered quite promptly by us. The order team will place the order after listening to your requirements. Compact polycarbonate sheets are used to provide sufficient light inside the covered area. We are a leading rooftop shade manufacturer in Kolkata and we have many customers. Embossed, opal and transparent compact polycarbonate sheets are used to make these shades by our efficient technicians. Depending on the project we are able to suggest the kind of roofing required. The roofs have to be made from tailor made sheets. The transparent sheets have to be made to the required size of the covered portico, shade, car park and walkway etc.

Characteristics of this roofing material:

Industrial roofing, warehouses, stations, stadiums, green houses and walk ways have roofs made from compact polycarbonate sheets. These constructional material sheets are stable, resistant to temperature, stain, fire retardant and not toxic. Roofs are made from this reliable and sturdy plastic in commercial, industrial, decorative interiors, sky rises and buildings. Our roofing services are well known in Kolkata and other states including Metropolitan cities. The compact polycarbonate sheets are

   flame resistant

   ultraviolet radiation protection

   heat resistant

   resistant to sound

   Light in weight

   Water resistant

The fabrication facilities provided by our installation team are also recommended by the customers. Normally the sheet is used in glass panels, roofs and shades where vision is required through the panel. The use of natural light as much as is possible is also useful. Then there is the benefit of glazing performance and also the sheets are available in many colours.

Read the instructions on the website and tell us about the area that you require to be covered. The staff will guide you in choosing the right size, colour and the estimation of the prize. The performance of the shade that you will construct using the compact polycarbonate sheets will determine the delivery. The installation team will get the screws, tapes and the brackets required to mount the compact polycarbonate sheets to create the roof.

There are several suppliers of rooftop material but as a customer you have to judge the legitimacy of the company. You will find that we have a vast coverage, experience and are also able to study your requirements. These outstanding building material sheets are transparent. The thickness of the sheets will depend on the requirement. The website has all the details of cost, time required for the installation and also on the materials required.

The customers of ours are basically promoters, builders and office complexes. Even a shade in an office complex can be made with this compact polycarbonate sheet. The need to prevent against rain, dust and heat is always there. The problems like corrosion, fire and destruction will not be there. The quality of work by the staff of Rooftop Solution is very good. We have received many repeat orders along with new orders. The people require the area details to cut the compact polycarbonate sheets before sending them. The sheets require proper storage and this will be told to you. Once the material is delivered, the installation date will be communicated to you. Do not wait and think. Order all your compact polycarbonate roofing needs now!

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