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Embossed Polycarbonate

Application of Embossed Polycarbonate sheet for elegant look:

Embossed Polycarbonate sheet is equally applicable in industrial and non industrial purposes. The trusted quality of the raw materials is the main ingredient of this amazing roofing product. The appearance of domestic house and corporate office is enhanced due to application of this sheet properly. We on behalf of the leading rooftop shades manufacturer in Kolkata offer the Embossed Polycarbonate in numerous specifications to accomplish all the requirements of the clients and customers.

There are many companies with roofing solutions in this competitive world. You should be judgemental to choose the authentic one as Rooftop Solution is. On time delivery, happy customers and satisfied vendors makes us a popular in this battle. The Embossed Polycarbonate sheets are flexible. They will make the roof protected and insulated. The colours will add to the décor of the roof and building.

Various attributes of Embossed Polycarbonate:

   The embossed polycarbonate sheets are useful to save energy.

   They are transparent and light.

   Light can be transmitted through them.

   These have high impact strength and are safe for using on the roof.

   Embossed polycarbonate sheet used on roofs is break resistant.

   The low handling loss and convenience in installation make this embossed polycarbonate useful.

   The embossed polycarbonate is resistant to ultraviolet radiations and prevents transmission of ultra violet radiations.

   Embossed polycarbonate sheets make the roofs durable.

   They have a long life and do not require to be changed frequently.

Reason to select the range from Rooftop Solution:

   The area of the roof to be covered with Embossed Polycarbonate sheet will be determined. The length and width of the area will determine the quantity of embossed polycarbonate sheet required.

   Our customers are quite satisfied with the service we give for our rooftop solutions. The promoters, builders, house owners and private individuals come and buy from us our roofing solutions. The advantage is that we have a big and experienced team of professionals.

   The customer care unit at the store have told us that we have many satisfied customers. These sheets are used to make shades, roofs, domes, walkways and garage covered areas. Building complexes, people and builders contact us for our roofing materials.

Why Embossed Polycarbonate:

   The quality of this roofing product offer uniformity.

   The light weight of the sheet makes it easily usable.

   Sound insulation is provided as a result of the Embossed Polycarbonate layer on the roofs.

   The lower oxygen index makes the sheet resistant to fire and flame.

   The temperature of the room is reduced if there is the sheet on the roof.

   This Polycarbonate type sheet is chemically resistant.

   They are easy to install and clean.

   The easy thermoforming and relatively quicker machining properties of these sheets make them popular.

   The different colours used to make these sheets make them bright.

The customers prefer to see the colour range from catalogue. They feel interested to place order with us after seeing our experience in this field. Rooftop Solution is really enriched by achieving the clientele. to us with their friends and neighbours. We receive huge recommendations from ex customers for sending their friends, neighbours and colleagues as well as new one and returning consumers. So, Order all your roofing solution needs with us now!

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