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Multiwall Polycarbonate

Enrich your home with light and warmth:

There are numerous types of Polycarbonate sheets. These are categorized on the basis of shapes, styles and sizes. The pattern of this sheet depends on the requirement of customers. Thermoplastic polymers are used in all different types separately. Our rooftop shading solutions also include multiwall polycarbonate sheets as an unbreakable and impact resistant clear sheet. As a leader in rooftop shade with multiwall polycarbonate manufacturer in Kolkata we are quite popular in application of such delicate item for our customers.

The roofs built using these Polycarbonate multiwall sheets will be quickly made. They will allow light in depending on the colour chosen by you. The sealing tapes, base and camp profiles, screws and sealers are required to make these roofs. Our team will first tell you the area of the sheets required. Once the amounts of constructional sheets required for the roof is decide, the price will be estimated. We on behalf of frontline shade manufacturing unit will do a lot of preparation work on ground. The length and width of the roof shade will be measured so that the robust sheets are made accordingly. This will make the installation safe, save time and a good practise to plan in advance. This roofing sheet has a UV film on one side for protection.

Mechanisms on mounting:

The official website of Rooftop Solution has details of the roofing solutions from our store, contact details and prices. Once the amounts required of the multiwall polycarbonate film is gauged, you will be sent a quote. Our support team are well versed with customer care processes. They know how to satisfy the customer. All the requirements for the installation process will be thought about before we arrive for making the roof or shade. If the sheets arrive at the site prior to the installation then we will advise on the storage procedure. Tape would be used to seal all the open ends of the sheets. Arched roofs are also easily made using these newly advanced sheets. We will get our electric saw to cut the sheets to the sizes by our pools of expert service forces. The slope should be correctly constructed for proper drainage and moisture evaporation. The slope details for the shade or roof will be advised by our experienced team to you. Proper alignment of the sheets is quite essential for getting best result. Proper stainless steel screws would be used to fasten the sheets to make the shade and the roof. Shades, sun roofs, green house roofs and even walkways can be made using these roofing sheets.

Properties of this sheet:

   Easy cleaning facility

   Good light transmission power

   Both side ultraviolet rays protective

   Light in term of weight

   High impact resistant

   Super flexibility

   Heat insulation

Application areas:

   Factory or warehouse roofing

   Green house


   Skylights and walkways

   Swimming pool covers

   Interior partition

The details of the price, order time, installation instructions and other details are on the website. Call us with all your doubts. Many housing complexes, individual homes and buildings are calling us for our quotes. The customers are enjoying the benefits of the shade and roof made using awesome sheets.

Light and heat transmissions is maximised using these components. They will have a protective film which is removed after installation. If the film is left then it might not come off later on. The colours will vary and you can choose the colours while ordering. The staffs at the store are friendly and will understand your requirements. The costs are competitive and you will not go to our competitors. You will come back to us in the future for more installations. The life of these multiwall roofs is many years. Go and order on our website now!

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