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Onduline Sheet

Onduline Sheet –A Reliable and Attractive Roofing Material

In rooftop solution onduline plays a vital role in providing a unique and hard corrugated roofing material which is light in weight. To cater any roofing problems onduline sheet offers an effective solution both for its weather stability and for its versatility in designing at a cost effective price. It is needless to mention that its popularity in rooftop solution is being gained day by day for its superior quality at a reasonable price as compared to other roofing sheets.

What is onduline

Onduline is a light-weight, attractive, wall cladding and extremely tough roofing material. Primarily it is made of cellulose fiber. Besides it, the other components are resin, bitumen and mineral additives. Cellulose fiber is an extremely strong material used to improve resistance in cement and concrete. On the other hand resin and mineral additives make it weather resistant and bitumen is used for water resistance.


   Onduline prevents corrosion and maximum chemical products.

   This roofing material is highly waterproof which is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

   This sheet provides better capability of absorbing the noise of rain than that of steel sheet.

   Onduline has the capacity of withstanding a wide range of temperature.

   Each Onduline sheet should be fastened with at least 20 nails to face extreme weather elements like storms etc. Safe Top Nails are actually made for Onduline roofs.

   It is highly essential for hot countries to install Onduline sheets in the morning session as because it may be softened in the mid day heat.

   Its color becomes fade for the UV rays.

   It is highly water proofing.

   Basically it is available in 4 colors, namely red, black, brown and green.

   This roofing material requires minimum maintenance.

   Special care for its safety must be taken for walking on this roof.

   This roofing material can be applied in residential, agricultural and industrial buildings.

   Except oil based paint it is paintable on both sides.

   It is easy for handling and simple for fixing.

   Onduline provide the widest range of cellulose-bitumen sheets with various kinds of profiles, finishes and colors.


   Onduline sheet plays a vital role in renovation and maintenance of the old building. These are considered the best alternatives for the temporary or permanent replacement of any roofing. It can be successfully used in re-roofing also.

   Its light weight and flexibility have made it possible to use it in any kind of roof shape.

   It can be successfully used in live stock housing for its high insulation capacity as well as its sound absorbing ability.

   Its versatility in environmentally sensitive colors have made it widely accepted for use as a roofing material in different sectors, i. e. kennels, zoos and parks of wild animals.

   The onduline sheets have the capability to set itself with any older or uneven roofing timber that can easily be cut and shaped for installation by any local labor.

Onduline was originally developed in Europe over 60 years ago and since then it has spread globally in more than 130 countries due to its extensive use and growing demand. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of bituminous corrugated sheets. The best manufacturer of this roofing material in Kolkata is Rooftop Solutions. They produce the most flexible, reliable and versatile roofing material, Onduline Sheet at a cost effective price.

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