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PVDF Fabrics

PVDF – An Excellent Fade Resistant Rooftop Solution in Architectural World

In architectural membrane roofing PVDF fabric is the result of an extensive research and development that was mainly designed to provide a sustainable roofing solution. Polyvinylidene Difluoride is a component of three elements; namely carbon, hydrogen and fluoride which is highly non reactive. PVDF is such rooftop solution that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different projects. This fabric provides the top quality craftsmanship that provides the best solution to any roofing leaving the roofs great looking and safe from the outside weather. For aging rooftops also PVDF coating fabric provides a viable and long term solution.

PVDF fabric has been so widely spread for the following features it provides.


   Basically it is a plastic material.

   It is an alloy of carbon, hydrogen and fluoride.

   PVDF is a water-based, highly reactive and spray applied reflective coating.

   It is a well known polymer additive that has been successfully applied in various roofing applications.

   It provides a glossy and color retaining power that means it is finish resistant to color fade and that is why many prominent buildings around the world have used it till date.

   It is extremely dirt repelling.

   It is UV resistant.

   PVDF fabric has the capability of withstanding different exposures of a varied range of temperature outside.

   It is highly resistant to airborne pollutants.

   IT provides a low melting point of approx 177*C.

   It can be welded, molded or injected.

   It is mildew resistant.

   It provides a 10 years warranty.

   This fabric offers a strong, highly pure fabric that is good resistant to solvents, acids and bases.

   Its density is low (1.78).

   PVDF material produces a low smoke at the time of fire occurrence.


   The color stability PVDF offers is really an unbelievable performance it provides as compared to other kinds of fabric. For this reason only most architectural projects of the world have used this fabric.

   PVDF fabric offers a long time i.e. more durable solution as compared to other traditional materials.

   It provides outstanding solar reflectance by lowering the temperature of the roof surface even warmer temperature outside. Not only that, it also helps to retain the ability of doing so for a long period of time.

   This fabric offers the most weather able coating. It is resistant to photochemical degradation for which PVDF fabric material provides excellent glossy and better color stability as compared to others.

   It is very easy to clean up as compared to other materials.

   The biggest benefit it provides is its exceptional dirt repelling capability. Its “stay clean technology” induces its dirt shedding property which offers a better dirt pick up resistance.

   PVDF is available in a varied range of colors; so the designers and the building owners can enjoy their stylistic preferences matching their rooftops without any compromise.

   PVDF can be said a god reflective rooftop that can dramatically curtail down the heating and air conditioning bill of the buildings. This actually helps to enhance the service life of the rooftop and reduce its overall lifecycle expenditure which in turn results in greater return of the owner on his rooftop investment.

   It provides a longevity of 20 years.

To conclude it can be said that PVDF is the perfect choice of the engineers, contractors and owners for its outstanding performance over a long period of time for which still the industry has not stopped talking about.

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