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MultiCell Polycarbonate

Enhance the glamour of building by Multicell Polycarbonate:

Multicell Polycarbonate is the thrilling addition of constructional world. The awesome feature of it offers colors variety, flexibility and power to construct any kinds of roofs like flat and curved. The Rooftop Solution is a leading rooftop shade manufacturer in Kolkata offers reliable source of this amazing constructional component. The standing seam roof is quite exquisite. They can be on poles or mounted on the wall, again with rods and pillars. The diffused light through these roofing materials are valuable. The unwanted heat can be prevented and if heat is required then that too can be arranged for. These roofing solutions are mostly to cover the patio, car park, seating area or green house with this polycarbonate sheet.

Installation benefits of it:

The architects of the building will know the exact colour of the sheet will be required and the place it will be suitable. The building complexes of modern and civilized era use these constructional sheet roofs and shades in the walkways, car parking shades and common spaces. Our store has much experience in roof solutions. Poles, brackets and screws will be used to fix the essential sheets by our skilled mechanics. This awesome roofing material can be applied to curved or flat roofs. There has to be an angle for water and any dust to flow down. These have excellent thermal properties and the staff will advise you about your requirements. Cooling costs will be reduced as a result of use of polycarbonate roofs. Energy efficient lighting is possible. These roofing sheets are impact resistant. They come with ultra violet ray protection as standard feature.

Advantages at a glance:

   Imported design and material

   Qualitative thermal characteristic

   Superb T- type lock fastener for preventing slipping

   Wide variety of colours

   Both sides are UV ray protective

   Saves energy

   Provides sufficient natural lighting

   Superb impact resistant

Basically this is to give you the affects you want in the use of the multicell polycarbonate sheet on the roof or shade and it will be told to you by our experienced directors. UV protection is provided inside the space where you use this roofing material. They come in various colours and you will get to choose the colour at the time of placing the order. During installation we also provide the T lock fastener so that the sheets do not slip away. Water-tight sealing is provided by the modular system. The existing structure or co-axial structures are used to support this sheet structure to form a roof.

Twin walls can be joined using these marvellous sheets. These are light, strong and UV protected. The dome looks beautiful. You will notice that the structure looks modern and enhances the general looks of the buildings. Builders and individuals are ordering the multicell polycarbonate roof sheets to us. Order the sheets at our store after reading the details. The prompt delivery will be an added advantage. We will allow you to choose the colours. After the inspection of the area we will also let you know the price.

These sheets can be ordered over the web or in person in the store or you can use telephone to place the order. The support staff of Rooftop Solution will come to take measurements. There is the need to determine the length and width of the area of roofing required. After that the sheets are cut and sent to the customer. Customers will store the sheets as per the instructions. Then the installation team will come and fix the sheets. You will tell all your requirements to our customer care executive at the time of your visit.

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