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Day Light Panel

Day Light Panel Illuminates the Interior as Open Day Light

Day light Panel is improved illuminative equipment, and efficient technique used to curtail the load of indoor artificial illumination. To maintain eco-awareness globally conservation of energy is very important. Day light panel system is the most simple and economic approach through which interior illumination is effected as well as energy saving can be achieved.

Day light panel is nothing but a translucent sheeting of fabrication, made by two materials, namely FRP or Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Polycarbonate sheet. FRP is not so costly rather cheap which is able to transmit light up to a maximum of 90% natural light. Like that Polycarbonate sheet is also a unique material that provides 100% transparency of natural light. These sheets are applied along with either Asbestos sheets, Aluminum sheets or Gal valium sheets. The nature of this panel is very transparent. The natural light is guided into the building through this transparent day light panel that causes interior artificial illumination and at the same time a good savings of energy consumption. These panels are applied on the roof or in any desired place of the required location or cladding to allow natural day light into the required space by resisting the entry of the harmful Ultra Violet ray.

Features of this panel

  It is light in weight.

   It is slim but solid and well built.

   It provides very high power.

   It offers a long life span.

   The panel offers modular design.

   Day light panel is basically a portable solar panel.

   Day light panel is a good combination of optimum quality material with advance technology.

   These panels offer the same price around the year.

   The panels that are installed into the roof are more expensive as compared to the panels that are

set on top.

   Installation of day light panel not only meets up the day to day electricity need of a household by

causing interior illumination, at the same time it also helps to save a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

   The panels will be kept in such a way so that these are not overshadowed by the trees.

   For its proper functioning, the day light panels must be kept relatively clean.

   Literally, it needs a negligible maintenance.

   These panels are really genuine in nature.

   The day light panel provides the best performance in its target.

   Professional DC batteries or AC adapter powers the day light panel.

   It is best suitable for industrial roof lighting or in daylight cladding application.

   Day light panel ensures UV protection.

   It is affordable enough.

As a translucent, UV resistant weapon daylight panel is an excellent material which not only provides an aesthetic look visually, but also saves energy functionally by creating artificial interior illumination. This fabrication is expert enough in providing the required illumination which not only reduces the discomforts of the unbearable powerful lighting, but also ensures a safe visual environment. Practically this environment is able to reduce the electricity charges by establishing production of illumination, as well as energy conservation. So, it plays a vital role in rooftop solution.

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