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PTFE Fabrics

Economical investment with PTFE fabric:

PTFE fabric is use for shades, roofs and as covers. This fabric is able to protect from UV rays chemically is inert and as a cover will prevent water from seeping in. You will require minimum maintenance if there are roof tops made with this fabric. These components are fire resistant. Durability is their quality that is making PTFE fabric popular among office complexes. You will find us to be a leader in rooftop shade manufacturer in Kolkata. Order this as part of the structural material required for the building. Private home owners can also have a part of the roof or their balcony covered with such fabric. The advantage is that plenty of light can seep in. This leads to better illumination during day light time. The team of support staff can make out the area of this essential required for your construction. The material will be delivered to you.

The store has all the details on the website. You can order using email, telephone or by writing to us. The addresses are present on the website. The delivery time is as scheduled in stipulated time. Our customers are quite happy about the delivery and installation of these roofing materials.

Roles of PTFE fabric:

PTFE fabric is long lasting material for shades and roofs. The reliable and stunning material can be made opaque to prevent solar energy penetration and also to control internal climate conditions. The weight is lower than the traditional materials. UV radiations and air contamination is minimised through the use of these dependable component. The strength of this material is much and this is useful as it prevents the glass from falling and breaking. Order it from our website store to get instant qualitative product. The support staff will know how to service your requirements with great care. The building materials supplied are of good quality and useful in efficiency of energy use. The insulation reduces HVAC energy consumption, requirements, usage and cost. Interior environment is safe and healthy.

Benefits at a glance:

   Opacity form to prevent solar energy penetration

   Control internal climate conditions

   Light in weight

   UV radiations and air contamination is reduced

   Energy efficient

   Controls HVAC energy consumption, usage and cost

   Keep interior atmosphere fresh and healthy

Place of installation:

PTFE fabric sheet covers can be used if ever sudden structure is required these. In docks, water treatment plants for covers, maintenance shops, green houses and camps it is useful to have these sheds and shades. The shades, roofs made by our team are being praised. The customers send referrals and also come back for more work. Many housing complexes have our material used in their sheds and walkways.

The range of PTFE fabric can come in various colours and can be opaque or see-through in our stocks. These are having fire retardant properties that are useful in the case of a building fire. Modular structure can be made using this fabric substance.

This fabric used gives good looks to the building architecture. The cost is also economical as the fabric glass lasts for a long time. Most people do not even get the glass cleaned in its life time. External rain will clean the shade and keep it sparkling. So no more time to waste; order your PTFE fabric glass requirements from our website now!

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