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PUF Roof

PUF roof at your Kolkata house:

Polyurethane Foam is commonly known as PUF for prefabricating the shade of the roof. This insulated panel is used in defence shelters, telecom shelters, and prefabricated shelters and in prefabricated cold rooms. A complex pump and highly technical spraying skills are required to blend all chemicals attached in this component. The expert installers of Rooftop Solution apply their advanced spray technology for achieving exact coverage from it. Being a leading rooftop shade manufacturer in Kolkata our team has the knowledge about the PUF roof installations.

Essential features of this range:

   • PUF roofs have good thermal efficiency and are very rigidly built.

   • The whole construction is light and not very thick.

   • The fabrication work required for these PUF roof is speedily done and so is the erection.

   • The PUF roofs have excellent insulating properties.

   • The cam locks used will be used for the insulated PUF panels for rigidity and sturdiness.

   • The PUF insulated roofing panels will have high ribs and low ribs. The inside would normally have low ribs in a PUF roof. The outside would have high ribs so that water flows down.

   • The sturdy roof you will get is useful. Some of the car park roofs, walkways, sheds, shades and factory covers are made using these PUF roofing material.

   • The PUF roofs are suitable in varied and extreme climatic conditions. They are suitable where it is cold and also where it is very hot as in the desserts.

   • PUF roofs are CFC free. They have better extreme temperature performance.

   • The cost effectiveness of these PUF roofs is very useful. The ease of application of the PUF roofs is also commendable.

Uniqueness of Rooftop Solution for choosing PUF technology:

   • The team of ours will come and analyze the requirement regarding PUF insulation. The roofing solutions from our company are quite reliable. We build good roofs with moderate cost. The length and width of the roof required will be measured. The material will be sent to you in advance. The storage details will be specified.

   • The installation team will come to the site to make the roof ready with prefabrication. The poles, brackets, screws, poles and tape required for the PUF roof installation will be sent to the site. Your roof, shade or extension by this insulation activity helps to get sturdy and reliable structure.

   • The details will be looked into and you will like the finish. You can also feel that the colours that you choose will enhance the looks of the house, building or structure. The finish will be good and maintenance required will be minimal. The edges will be taped so that the roof stays as is for a long time.

   • Pipelines, equipment might require insulating and this is through the use of PUF walls or PUF roofs.

   • The customers say that the use of the PUF roofs is reducing the energy costs. Their electricity bills are reducing. In summer it is cooler inside. In winter it is warmer inside.

We have done many PUF roof installation works and the feedback is that the users are getting the required insulation. The number of people who are getting these PUF roofs installed is increasing. Go through the details of the PUF roofs and make up your mind. Order your PUF roof requirements now!

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