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Rooftop Enclouser

Enjoy Rooftop Party under Rooftop Enclosure:

Rooftop Enclosure is required to get additional space on the roof. You can use this as a room for various events like entertainment, gym, personal chamber and many more. Some buildings have a swimming pool on the roof in modern construction. Dwellers of contemporary era prefer roof to make it functional by enclosing the surrounding area.

Features of the Roofing Solution:

There are many uses and applications of the roofing enclosure that we sell. You can study the different types of these enclosures on the website. After you show us the space we will get the room customized for you.

   These enclosures are resistant to wind. This is required during those days when there is a storm.

   The roofing products are 100% waterproof. This is required as the rain water will otherwise destroy the furniture that is there inside the enclosure.

   The material used in the outdoor essential and the roof of the room is having protection from UV rays and hence the people inside are safe.

   The walls of the enclosure and the roof have good thermal insulation. The rooms will remain cool in the summers. They will remain warmer in the colder winter months.

   These exterior items are resistant to snow loading. This is useful in the places where it snows. For Kolkata this will not be required.

But you will find that we are famous manufacturing unit nationwide. The company is very popular in the roofing solutions we provide. So the last feature is equally important for us as we deliver our products to Northern part of India and these are quite snow fall areas.

Advantages of rooftop enclosure:

Rooftop enclosures are to protect against the weather. They can be used as a nightclub rooftop shade, restaurant enclosure and swimming enclosure. These have many uses especially in extreme weather conditions. Have a look on its benefits.

  Some of these enclosures have opening systems and can convert from closed to open very soon.

  The integrated drainage system in them is useful to take out the rain water and also for any water used inside the facility.

  The condensation and thermal insulation for comfort inside is also provided for.

  The prevention of UV rays through the thermal coating is useful inside the product.

  They are tailor made and installed inside the roof area in the building.

  These enclosures are non permanent and are considered as temporary structures by the municipality.

Roof enclosures can be used for the party that you are throwing on the rooftop. These rooftop structures can be assembled quickly by the shade manufacturer in Kolkata and also removed. The aim is to have an additional demarcated space on the roof for a private activity. Multiwall polycarbonate is also making reliable and improved enclosures for your houses. PTFE fabric is also used in many of these enclosures and is a strong material used in roofing materials.

The website of shade manufacturer in Kolkata contains the name, telephone number, email address of the people whom you need to contact. The service department is quite versatile. The staff of Rooftop Solutions will go and inspect all the roof area and then design the requirement. You will receive a call from us and we will be there for you. The pricing will be conveniently told to you. The materials like PUF walls, textile interior and shade sail will be used in these exterior pieces. Embossed polycarbonate can make for strong one for the roofs of buildings.