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Roof is undoubtedly an important part of a building. It is the most exposed part of a structure that has to face the natural forces. So, it plays a vital role in protecting us from the harshest elements of weather like strong wind, scorching heat of the sun, snow and blizzards etc. At this, the roofs may get spoiled or outdated. Again repairing and replacing of the roof is a matter of big investment. So to rescue the occupants and the building owners from all these problems Rooftop Solutions has come forward to extend its help by providing different types of solutions to save the rooftops.


We have made through market research in the eastern Asia on the awareness of people about the above discussed problems on roof tops. We have noticed that the respective building owners are not apprised of this vital problem that may be fatal in future owing to any accidental case. They even do not think it seriously and keep it for future plan. So, there is an extensive virgin market of rooftop solutions. Our vision is to make the people aware and understand them about this problem. We hope this education will benefit them a lot. With it, we will also keep our promise by providing various solar reflective rooftop solutions at reasonable prices that not only protect the homes from the naughtiness of nature but also make them save from unnecessary expenses like repairing or replacing.


Rooftop Solution has started its journey as the best rooftopsolutions manufacturer and dealer in Kolkata. We are aware enough on the ignorance of the people regarding this problem. To get rid of those problems the building owners also have shown their interest. So, a great opportunity of business growth has arisen in this sector and the people are thinking to convert themselves to targeted customers by applying these innovative, useful solutions. Our actual mission is to protect the people from this kind of problem by making them knowledgeable as much as possible in this field. With that it is also our target not to indulge any corrupt business identities who are trying to be profitable in this field capitalizing the ignorance of the people and concealing the required data from them.


To fulfill our dream we have set up an expert team in Kolkata who will look after the whole eastern region market in Asia by offering 24×7 hours assistance and guidance for any complication or query. As inbound marketers, our goal is to serve the customers by providing different cost effective materials that act as solution providers in rooftop problems. Like another business-entities we do not encourage only high end customers, we are committed to inform everything to all types of customers to make us trust worthy and maintain a good balance of demand and supply of these products in the market – This is our promise to all the customers.


According to our vision and mission we have targeted our infrastructure in the business. We provide qualitative fabric, polycarbonate, day-light panel, color coated GI, ondulin sheet and UPVC sheets – all the roofing materials at cost effective prices.

Fabrics – Architectural fabric is an excellent means for rooftop solutions which are light weight, weather resistant, fire resistant, available in different sizes and colors and durable for even up to 30 years. Prices vary according to its qualities. Our company is transparent enough in its activities and provides warranty certificate for each affordable product.

Polycarbonate – It is a unique roofing solution of latest techniques and aristocrat methodologies that provide easy installation, heat-water and climate resistant and insulated materials at cost effective prices.

Daylight Panel – It is a good investment for rooftop solutions as it offers solar equipments at reduced rates and better warranties, easy installation and provides facility to cut your electricity bill.

With the above information and commitment we want to stay as the market leader in the field of rooftop solution.

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