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Prefabricated Office Cabin

Beautiful Coloured Prefabricated Office Cabins:

Prefab constructions become very popular in modern lifestyle. This not only provides the facility of shed but modular characteristic offers tons of advantages to the users. It can be easily relocated from one place to another. So you can instantly construct this outdoor essential without investing lots of time and efforts. But it can provide different types of flooring and patterns like traditional building.

Outstanding features of prefab office cabins:

Rooftop Solutions is an experienced prefab cabin manufacturing company with wide range of awesome products. The prefabricated office cabins are sold at a convenient price. You can use the room you buy from us as a front-office, as a wash room, to make security area and an administrative office. The colourful walls and roofs will make the office look quite posh. The size and interior design will be finalised in consultation with you. The features of these enclosures are:

   The enclosure can be used for storing material, as multi utility structures, are economical and aesthetic.

   The flexibility of sizes, strong built, looks and colours make them a great buy.

   They can be a study, an office, a security unit or a facility. The cleaning required will also be minimal and so that is useful for the owner of the structure and property.

Uniqueness of Prefabricated Office Cabins:

Now we will describe the uniqueness in these prefabricated office cabins. These are made with a number of high-grade, good-quality material and very portable. The store will be generous with you in giving discounts after they are convinced about the area that is to be covered by the enclosure. The uniqueness includes:

   The enclosures are made using plastics, steel, concrete and PUF material.

   The material used makes these rooms last for a long time.

   They are suitable in areas where there are earth quakes and in extreme climatic conditions.

   The enclosures are safe and fatality is minimized through international quality.

   They are termite proof, water proof and beautiful with nice colours of the walls.

   The price is competitive and value for the money you pay.

We as an expert rooftop shade and prefabricated office cabins manufacturer in Kolkata use PUF walls, onduline sheet and UPVC sheet to make the enclosures. Compact polycarbonate sheets, multicell polycarbonate sheets, multiwall polycarbonate sheets and PTFE fabric is used in the portable rooms. PPGL sheets, PPGI sheets, embossed polycarbonate and PUF roofs are used in these makeshift rooms. All these materials used in the structure help to make it impact resistant and weather proof from all perspectives.

You will read the instructions on the website of rooftop shade and prefabricated office cabins manufacturer in Kolkata about the portable rooms. The order is placed by ringing or sending an email to the team at the store. A team will go to you to find out the area you have and also to determine the size of the enclosure you can be sold. Then there is the walls, interior décor, roof, textile to be looked at. Order your roofing solutions with us, now!

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