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    Roof is

    Roof the most exposed part of a structure that plays a vital role to Protects Home Décor, Enhances Beauty, Safeguards UV Ray, Saves Energy. At RooftopSolutions we use environment friendly materials and maintain green building solution code which reduces electrical consumption of the owner and in turn helps reduce recurring energy expenses.

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Spa Featture
Spa Featture
Spa Featture

Protects your roofs from rough climatic onslaught.

RooftopSolutions always works with the new technology and tries to experiment the new products because it is definitely capable of giving better solutions than the previous one. It is a dynamic system. We always deliver the innovations if situation demands so. It is our commitment in this ever changing world.

Rooftop Restaurant

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Being an experienced shade manufacturers we can make over your hotel rooms, Rooftop restaurants' seating area enclosure made with PUF walls. The shade at the top can be using onduline sheet and UPVC sheet...

Rooftop Enclosure

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Rooftop enclosures are to protect against the weather and can be used as a nightclub rooftop shade, restaurant enclosure and swimming enclosure. These have many uses especially in extreme weather conditions..

Rooftop Garden

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Shade on young plants on rooftop should be well constructed with green colored and transparent components for diffusing sunlight, hence selection of shade materials is most vital...

Rooftop Shed

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Rooftop shades provides many facilities and much acceptable to people for their housing. We can leading a comfortable life with rooftop shade in summer it also protect our roof form dust and natural elements.

Custom solutions for more than a decade.

At RooftopSolutions we prefer to use all environment friendly materials and try to maintain green building solution code. We always try to reduce the electrical consumption of the owner and in turn it helps them to reduce the recurring energy expenses. One time capital investment gives them the aesthetic look as well as the monetary savings in the long term basis.