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UPVC Sheets

UPVC Sheet – The Ultimate Technology in Rooftop Solution

The contribution of UPVC roofing sheet is unparallel in rooftop solution that offers the highest technical excellence. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a rare combination of super grade raw materials and latest technology offering three different layers that acts as a guard against scorching heat, biting cold and heavy shower. The superb technology of these 3 layers provides an improved thermal insulation property for which this material is being so popularly deserved in rooftop solution.

UPVC sheets or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride sheets are designed specifically for chemical, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries. These sheets usually have a life-span of 15-20 years. They are used as high grade roofing materials in high grade residential and factory buildings, warehouses, steel structure factory buildings, car shed, market pathways, commercial buildings, farm product markets etc. They are also suitable for thermal insulated shed, balcony and other places with thermal insulation requirements. Generally, the temperature range for this product use is -5 degree C to 60 degree C. The sheets are offered in different standard sizes and thicknesses, as demanded by the clients. They are used in various industrial applications. They are the optimum choice for roofing and cladding. They are the best replacement to asbestos, metal G.I sheets, fiberglass sheets and ceramic tile sheets. They are unbreakable due to exceptional transmission properties. They are available in various dimensions and colors. If it requires this weather proof sheet can even provide the 7 colors of spectrum. These are manufactured with perfection in order to get highest amount of client’s satisfaction. The product has high demand for both industrial and domestic purposes. They are easy to install and maintain. They are extremely durable and are available in attractive designs and complimenting colors. The sheets are well protected from the effects of harsh temperature and moisture. This is because they are coated with an anti resistant material which provides complete protection to them. Maintenance is minimal.

Salient Features

  The product offers extremely high service life due to integration of UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants and modifying agents.

  It has excellent anti corrosion capacity.

  The product is both acid and alkali-proof.

  It provides an excellent heat insulation property.

  It has low flammability.

  It is highly resistant to fungus and humidity.

  This material exhibits brilliant heat insulation property.

  It has high impact strength due to integration of impact modifiers.

  It is tough and durable.

  It offers less structural cost due to its light weight.

  It is non-carcinogenic.

  UPVC provides great utility because it can be nailed, sawed or cut easily.

  It is pollution resistant.

  It requires a simple and convenient installation.

  This material provides environmental protection.

  It offers the facility of electricity insulation.

  It is resistant to fungus and humidity.

  It is also waterproof.

With such a vast set of advantageous properties, this product is highly demanding in rooftop solution. The anti corrosion performance of the product is suitable for most applications in coastal areas with severe salt fog corrosion. The product can also be used in places where the air is highly polluted, such as in chemical industrial zone because it is pollution resistant. Its waterproofing capability makes it suitable for use in places of heavy rain and snowfall. It can save construction cost up to 50 %. It has captured many international certifications for its genius properties.

So for the above discussion it can be said that this multilayer roofing sheet, i.e. UPVC sheet is the best option of the engineers and the designers for the most dependable rooftop solution.

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